Review: City of Shattered Light by Claire Winn

The City of Shattered Light is hands-down on the list for favourite books of 2021 for me. It had morally grey characters, it had adventure, and it had mad scientist vibes. In my eyes, I'm already sold on that summary alone. The writing was absolutely crisp, and the pacing was absolutely perfect! The characters and world were written so well, and it left me wanting more. I liked how there was a TON of action, but also there is a bit of romance (Oh! Did I mention that this book is LGBTQIA+?!). It was also really interesting to see the big bad thing in the book just keep evolving last my own expectations. A solid 5/5 read from me! Thanks to Flux for an e-ARC for this title.

Review: Absence by Melanie Tem

I found this one to be a short but important story, with a time travel twist. I enjoyed how the author indicates to the reader to think about the inequalities that were faced with, such as with slavery. It was a little confusing to join the dots at times, but it was an interesting read for what it was worth.  Rating: 3.5/5 Thanks to Crossroad Press for a copy of this title!

First thoughts: Empire Of The Vampire by Jay Kristoff

Let's preface this to say that I'm not the biggest vampire fan, but here we go anyways. When I started the excerpt, I found it really slow to start, and it took me a long time to power through this one. Yes there was things I thought were worthy of the hype everyone's going on about, however I just felt flat over most parts; maybe the pacing is what threw me off. I'll give it another try when I get my mitts on a full copy - I'll still finish this one wholly though! Thanks to HarperCollins for the excerpt of this title!

Review: The Endless Skies by Shannon Price

I found this to be a fun, refreshing fantasy read!  It wasn't too in your face, and was an excellent standalone novel. The characters and the world felt written well, even reaching to wanting more! I enjoyed the action, and it is definitely one that I recommend for those wanting an adventurous fantasy hit! Review: 3.5/5 Thanks to Tor Teen for the copy of this eARC for review! 

Review: Up All Night: 13 Stories between Sunset and Sunrise edited by Laura Silverman

 This is an anthology that has a common theme, but several genres throughout. I enjoyed all of the short stories - even the horror (I'm a giant wuss!). There was different representations weaved into the stories - disability, LGBTQIA+, and POC. I loved they all were in this anthology, as no anthology is complete without these stories/voices. The stories were also truly eclectic! In this one, my standouts were Old Rifts and Snowdrifts, and Under Our Masks. Both just really drew me in!  Overall, this anthology receives a 4/5 from me! Thanks to Algonquin for an eARC of this title in preparation for the publication and blog tour of this book!

Review: Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

Any Way the Wind Blows was a fun read - I enjoyed how fun Baz and Simon and crew were, and generally how chaotic they are. It also was different to what I expected for this book, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! I had a giggle at them all attempting to adult because I genuinely have the same cluelessness. I also live for the chaotic nature of Penny Bunce, and I aspire to be like her lmao.  Although I enjoyed it, I feel like it didn't address Wayward Son very much, but then again that might have been the point.  Overall, I rate this a 4/5!  Thanks to PanMac for a copy of this for review.

Review: The Code of Us by Liv Evans

This book may be short, but wow it packs a PUNCH! The questionable ethics, the RI, the whole story - had me gripped from the first page! There were so many questions I had when reading this one, and it really kept me on the edge of the seat! This is definitely one I'd recommend to New Adult and Adult readers! Rating: 5/5 Thanks to Liv for sending me a copy of this book to review!