Reading stats #13

Here's the stats for Wednesday the 25th of March to Tuesday the 31 of March 2020!

Books I've finished this week:
1. The Vanishing Deep
2. Above All Else
3. Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits 4. Infinity Son
Books I've started this week:
1. Deep Water
Reading goals update:
3/12 classics tbr
4/12 goodreads tbr
5/12 #loveozya tbr

Reading stats:
Smallest amount of pages read in a day: 80 (this was on Thursday the 26th)

Largest amount of pages read in a day: 198 (this was on Saturday the 28th)

Total pages read this week: 857

Average pages read per day: 122.4 pages

Review: Infinity Son by Adam Silvera

Infinity Son was a very light urban fantasy for me, and I honestly guess it was okay- nothing special, and nothing that is actually horrible.

I did like some of the characters, and I loved the plot concept- however in parts it slightly didn't hit my expectations. I felt that the world building was lacking in parts, and the dialogue in parts was a little cliche.

Loved the evil government guy driving the whole make-the-good-guys-look bad thing. That, I digged. A lot. Something I haven't read about in a while! I also enjoyed the setting of an alternate USA to be honest- the way that was described was actually super interesting.

Whilst not the most impressive book, I enjoyed it for what it was, and for a first go at fantasy for Silvera, I applaud him!

Rating: 3/5

Review: The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte

I loved the 24 hour revival concept in this one, and I was drawn into the world and how Palindromena operated. I loved to hate Nessandra, and I very much enjoyed how everything about this book had a little bit of a twist!

Astrid did a really good job of keeping me on my toes every page, and I personally loved the relationship between Tempest and Elysea- I wish I could've had more page time with them. I also felt for Ray, who didn't have a lot of story of page time, but I enjoyed him as a character, whilst trying to deal with being in the middle of the drama between Tempest, Elysea, and Lor!

I truly loved this book and all the surprises and mysteries, but I really wish I had more of the Alerin parents, and a bit more Equinox backstory.

Rating: 4/5

Reading stats #12

Here's the stats for Wednesday the 17th of March to Tuesday the 24th of March 2020!
I'm pretty sure this is the most I've read all  month, which is super surprising!

Books I've finished this week:
1. Fragile Remedy 2. The Gravity of Us
3. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
Books I've started this week:
1. The Vanishing Deep 2. Above All Else

Reading goals update:
3/12 classics tbr
4/12 goodreads tbr
4/12 #loveozya tbr

Reading stats:
Smallest amount of pages read in a day: 104 (this was on Friday the 20th, Monday the 23rd, and Tuesday the 24th!)

Largest amount of pages read in a day: 209 (this was on Saturday the 21st)

Total pages read this week: 901

Average pages read per day: 128.7 pages

Review: Anomaly by K. A. Emmons

As a prequel, I felt like this does its job quite well, it introduced characters and their backstories.

However, I did feel as though the descriptions of events and dialouge were mighty wordy at times, which made me skim at times. Despite this, it was a rather fast-paced read, and I enjoyed it for the most part.

I did also appreciate how the characters were written, and it made it a lot easier to connect with them.

Rating: 3/5

Review: Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans

Euphoria Kids is an enchanting, whimsical, refreshing #loveOzYA fantasy, and is the third novel written by Alison Evans. 

Coming into Euphoria Kids, I knew that it had witches and it had trans and non-binary characters in it, and that was all. Whilst reading, I was not disappointed- it was so cute and heartwarming, and free of a lot of romance- something you don’t see in a lot of modern young adult literature! I also felt that the story was definitely more character driven than world driven, which I actually really liked.

Whilst I feel like Euphoria Kids could be read by anyone, it focuses on a group of teens (Iris, Babs, and boy) who are just trying to find themselves in the world. We first meet Iris, our non-binary main, who was born as a plant child and her mums- Clover and Moss (I love these plant names). Iris goes into a lot of detail about a faerie friend, Saltkin at the start of this book too, which is cute because who doesn’t want a faerie friend from the garden?! Iris feels pre…

Review: The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper

Today's my stop for the bookstagram tour for The Gravity of Us, so to celebrate- I'm doing a review! 
This cute YA contemporary had family drama, friendship, romance, starting (nearly) a whole new life- the works! I thorougly enjoyed how Cal our main guy was headstrong, and the friendship dynamics between Deb and Cal, as well as Cal and our NASA pals.
The story was paced in a way that made me forget my surroundings, and I was gripped to know what happens next for every page of this book, and I enjoyed the romance that ensued- which was cute enough to make me swoon just a little.
Social media and reality TV was a huge focus in this book, as well as queer+ representation throughout the book- both which are super relevant and relatable to the world today.
This was released in Australia on March 17th, so is available now! 
Rating: 4/5
Thanks to Bloomsbury for the early copy of the book!